It could be due to the distressing economy or the male gene that makes a man wish to remain a bachelor.

But it's hard to believe that 46% of single men under the age of 25 still live at home with family or friends, according to

The same percentage of bachelors are looking for single ladies as their neighbors but only 17% of the single ladies feel the same way.

Most men surveyed say they clean their own apartments (87%) while 5% still have their mother's come over to clean. researched cities across the country and has compiled a list highlighting the top 10 cities for single men:

1. Houston, TX tops the list for bachelors as an all-around attractive city to live and play. With the city's affordability and enticing first date hotspots, the dating pool is simply bigger in Texas! For an adventurous first date, visit the new African Forest at the Houston Zoo.

2. Chicago, IL is a great city for both single men and single ladies. The windy city offers single-friendly neighborhoods with a true community vibe, and boasts a low divorce rate. Take your date on a walk through Millennium Park and enjoy the music, art, and landscape around you.

3. San Antonio, TX is just the place to wrangle a cowgirl. Bachelors won't have to look hard to find a true southern belle, as they greatly outnumber men in this city. With a low cost of living and big Texas charm, bachelors are sure to find love in this city. Plan a date at the San Antonio River Walk and check out the restaurants, art galleries and bustling shops.

4. New York, NY attracts both bachelors and bachelorettes with the unique appeal of diverse neighborhoods and the abundance of restaurants, bars, art galleries and museums. Single women outnumber single men by about a million, so bachelors are in luck. Win your girl's heart with a picnic in Central Park and a gondola ride on the lake.

5. Miami, FL has a spicy nightlife to mix up the dating scene for eligible bachelors. Single ladies far outnumber men, and the cost of living is less than other large cities. Plus, the abundance of beautiful beaches and outdoor areas for chatting up available women is never a bad thing! Take advantage of the Miami dance club scene or the Latin rhythms in Little Havana nightclubs.

6. Los Angeles, CA attracts single men and ladies alike with its exciting nightlife and urban appeal. With a nearly equal number of single men and single women – coupled with West Coast cool factor – bachelors living in LA are sure to enjoy the scene. Check out the rooftop observation deck at LAX's Theme Building for dazzling 360-degree views of the city. Your date is sure to be impressed.

7. New Orleans, LA is a great place for bachelors to live, as unmarried women easily outnumber unmarried men. The Big Easy has a unique cultural appeal and is also extremely affordable. Enjoy some jazz at one of the many hot spots in the historic arts district or French Quarter, the revelry of Bourbon Street or a moonlight stroll on the Mississippi.

8. Philadelphia, PA attracts a lively crowd of singletons with its cultural charm and historical appeal. With a favorable ratio of single men to single women and a low divorce rate, guys are sure to find happiness in the City of Brotherly Love. Impress your new girl by running up the steps of the Art Museum like Rocky or by sharing a Philly cheesesteak at 3 A.M.

9. Washington, DC is the place to be for ambitious single men! The region's exciting cultural attractions and entertainment are bound to inspire memorable dates, which aren't too tough to come by considering that single women outnumber single men. When the bustle of Capitol Hill winds down, enjoy DC after dark at a jazz club like Bohemian Caverns or cocktails at the Metropolitain Champagne Bar.

10. Baltimore, MD attracts singles with charming and scenic Inner Harbor bars and restaurants. Statistics say there are plenty more single ladies than men in this city, and it's both affordable and unique.