Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today took legal action against Arlington's Town Inn Motel for serving as a haven for criminal conduct .

According to a request for injunction filed by the state, the motel owner would have to stop all on-premises illegal activities – or face legal consequences. If the state wins, the motel could be closed for up to one year.

Arlington police reports indicate several crimes have occured at the motel since January 2009. Crime statistics show intense drug trafficking at Town Inn Motel, including 15 known narcotics violations and arrests. Police reports also cite repeated incidences of sexual assault, robbery and the discharging of firearms.

According to the state, Town Inn's owner, Bhunashavari, LLC, and manager, Rimesh Patel, allowed crime to take place on motel property. Despite repeated warnings from the Arlington Police Department, Town Inn failed to improve the situation and in the process created a haven for criminal conduct on the property.

Because of the defendants' failure to follow warnings from the Arlington authorities, the attorney general filed today's civil nuisance abatement lawsuit in Tarrant County. Local law enforcement authorities use nuissance abatement suits to fight against hubs of criminal activity.

The attorney general is seeking a court order requiring Bhunashavari and Patelto to pay a bond of up to $10,000. The bond would ensure specific changes are implemented at the property. If the defendants fail to meet the court-ordered requirements, the defendants face fines of up to $10,000 and possible imprisonment.

Ultimately, the court has the authority to choose new management or close down the motel for one year if the state proves that a nuisance exists at the property.