"You know what they say, bears make money, bulls make money--pigs get slaughtered," Actor Michael Douglas said in the Wall Street sequel Money Never Sleeps.

The fictional character Gordon Gekko may be the ultimate alpha male but in real life his king of the jungle lifestyle might be bad for his health.

Researchers from Duke and Princeton Universities studied 125 male baboons over nine years and found the alpha males were more stressed than the beta males.

All the work of getting more food and mates increased their levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Researchers believe the human jungle is just the same.

Kenny Bowers considers himself a recovering borderline alpha male. Bowers owns three restaurants--including Kenny's Italian Kitchen.'

That kind of success took a type a personality.

"It's like all of the sudden you are like looking around and oh boy, I've got three different businesses," Kenny said. "I've got 150 people I'm responsible for so it gets nerve wracking."

Counselor Alisha Woodall sees alpha males all the time--she said they often spend less time with families and don't sleep well.

Their minds are always focused on success.

"Anytime you have someone who is highly stressed or driven to such an extent they are going to have physical symptoms that go along with that," Woodall said. "It's just natural; everybody knows that the mind and the body are connected."

Kenny did but unlike most alpha males he decided to do something about it and started exercising. He lost 80 pounds. Like the king of the jungle--the need to succeed and protect was taxing.

"It was kind of like your starting a fire and you've got this tiny fire and you blow a little air into it and then you put some more logs on it and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger," Kenny said. "Eventually it just takes a on a life of its own."

Kenny is just as successful now as he was then--except he's happier and healthier--but he admits he still has his moments.

"It can be very nerve wracking," Kenny said. "I just try not to think about it."