Early this morning, The Beatles: Rock Band hit stores. And there were many more new product releases on today's unique date.

Fans of the Beatles can now do more than just watch and listen to their favorite band. They can play their favorite songs, and experience the Beatles' career with the new video game: "The Beatles: Rock Band."

All eyes were on Apple today: Steve Jobs was back on stage to confirm some hot rumors:

- iPhone 3.1 is now available and free for iPhone users - The ipod will be cheaper: starting at $199 - iPod nanos will come with a video camera, a microphone, and a speaker.

Also announced today is iTunes version 9. The fresh site now has social network sharing, a home sharing tool, it lets users pick up LP's, and much more.

It seems only fitting that Tim Burton's new movie premieres today as well. The movie called "9" is a post-apocalyptic adventure that features, you guessed it: nine heroes.