A woman was found alive after being stuck in a freezer for days, police said.

Family members of the woman, Theresa Christian, 50, said she may have climbed inside the chest-type deep freezer to stay safe from Saturday’s storms and tornado threat in her Tulsa home.

Police aren’t sure exactly how long she was inside the freezer, but she was last seen Saturday and then was found in the freezer Wednesday morning.

“Saturday, she came out saying that there was a tornado coming or something. She's on a lot of medication and was probably over-medicated and climbed into the freezer,” said her adult son, William Andy Jr.

He said he had not heard from his mother in several days. Desperate for answers, he went to her apartment on Tuesday to try and find her.

"I immediately went over to the office and got security, and came back and they let us in the house to look for her and we didn't see her,” he said.

On Wednesday morning, the family went back over to look again.

"Her son heard a moan coming from the area of the freezer and opened it up and discovered her sitting inside and apparently had been there for a couple of days,” said Tulsa Police Cpl. Daisy Vallely.

Christian was unable to tell them exactly what happened or how she got inside the freezer.
Officers say she tried desperately to get out, but couldn’t.

"The freezer is torn up and all of the insulation is out of it,” her son said, which may have helped save her life.

Her family believes she may have climbed inside the freezer to get away from the weekend storms, and somehow got trapped inside. Neighbors say they heard knocking coming from her apartment, but when they went over to check on her, she never came to the door.

Neighbors described her as looking pale and shaking with severe frostbite on the lower half of her body. As last check, she was in serious condition at St. John Medical Center.

Officers said that at one point it appeared that she had tried to climb out, but couldn’t because her legs were frozen.