To the adventurous eater of gourmet street food, the Dragon Dog might sound appealing: A foot-long, Cognac-infused bratwurst topped with Kobe beef, lobster, truffle oil, and picante sauce.

Then again, the usual eater of street food is not a person who often spends $100 on a meal, much less a hot dog. Yet Dougie Luv, the Guy Fieri-resembling proprietor of DougieDogs in Vancouver, B.C., thinks that they will.

"In designing this hot dog I wanted to come up with something super tasty and high-end that stays true to the traditional identity of the hot dog," Luv told the Vancouver Sun.

The DragonDog will only be available with a 12-hour advance order. It is named in part for a Canadian television program the Dragon's Den on which DougieDogs is appearing, and in part for the Year of the Dragon, which began on the Chinese lunar calendar Jan. 23.

Luv said it was the first hot dog priced in triple digits.