Thousands of people in the Puget Sound region were still without power on Monday night, several days after the snow and ice storm struck the Pacific Northwest.

Meanwhile, a mudslide damaged homes and closed part of the Lake Sammamish Parkway in Bellevue.

Puget Sound Energy said that as of 10 p.m. Monday, there were still 27,000 of its customers without power, mostly in Thurston and Pierce counties and in parts of King County.  Tacoma Power and Snohomish County PUD said they each just had a couple hundred customers without power.

In Covington, the lights went out for William Hallett on Thursday, so he’s been using a generator for his power.

“I was able to do a small load of laundry yesterday,” he said.  “I can cook, everything runs,  just depends on how much power you can use out of the generator.”

Despite the loss of power, Hallett said he was frustrated and understood it might take time before his power goes back on.

“These guys (PSE) are working their butts off,” he said. “And I know it.  I mean, they (PSE guys) are everywhere you look around.”

But Scott Sylvester said, “I think the most I’ve been without power before has been maybe two day, and this seems to be going on and on.”

On the Eastside, Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast was closed from Northeast 2nd and Northup Way to the north and Southeast 26th on the south.

“A large area of land moved, it went downhill,” said Mike Jackman of the city of Bellevue.  “It undermined the road and it impacted some homes rather severely. 

"We have a roadway to rebuild and reopen.  We have a water system to rebuild  and then we have to work with property owners and help them any way we can to recover their property and we have a slide area that we need to make sure it`s stable." 

The big question is, how long will this roadway be closed?  No one is sure. But the best guess is anywhere from three days to two weeks.