A surgical assistant in Snohomish County had his license suspended after he was accused of playing with the nipple of an unconscious female patient during reconstructive breast surgery. Stanley Romes was assisting on the surgery at a Swedish Medical Center outpatient clinic in April of 2010.

The patient had had a mastectomy and was undergoing reconstructive surgery on her breasts. Romes, working as a surgical technician, was tasked with holding the right breast up and away so the surgeon could work on the left breast.

During the operation, the surgeon saw Romes touching the woman’s nipple. The surgeon asked Rome what he was doing.

“After being questioned by the surgeon (Romes) laughed and continued playing with the patient’s nipple,” officials said in an administrative document.

Romes’ license is suspended for six months. He must undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation before applying for reinstatement