President Obama arrived in Seattle on Sunday for a brief fundraising visit. The stop is part of a quick West Coast tour. The president held fundraisers in Medina and the Paramount Theatre.

The fundraising event in Medina was held early Sunday afternoon at the home of former Microsoft executive Jon Shirley. The exclusive event set supporters back more than $35,000 per couple but the Paramount fundraiser was far more affordable for many, with tickets starting at $100.

The Paramount fundraiser also featured food catered by local chef Tom Douglas and featured the blues rock icon Robert Cray and his band.

A few dozen supporters, protesters and onlookers gathered outside the Paramount as attendees lined the streets waiting to enter the event.

The National Republican Committee criticized the president for his fundraising efforts. RNC spokesman Ryan Mahoney said that President Obama was neglecting job creation in the state and was interested only in “using the state as an ATM for his campaign coffers.”

President Obama’s battle with Republicans over his recently issued jobs bill hasn’t abated, but the West Coast swing of fundraisers is seen as an effort on the president’s part to reinvigorate his supporters.

President Obama is scheduled to depart Seattle about 3:30 p.m. Sunday.