It's a simple drawing done by a little boy, a dinosaur outlined in black with a red tongue sticking out and the name Charlie written across the top.

But this poster drawn by one of Josh Powell's murdered sons has become a symbol of so much more. Now, “Charlie's Dinosaur” and the idea it spawned is about to help hundreds of other Pierce County foster kids.

Pierce County sheriff’s detective Kevin Johnson and Sgt. Theresa Berg found the drawing of Charlie's dinosaur when they searched Josh Powell's storage unit after he killed the boys during a visitation and blew up his home near Graham in February.   

"There were so few items that belonged to the boys that survived anything, so few items that this was kind of precious to us,” Berg said.  

Both Johnson and Berg had spent a lot of time with the Powell boys after Child Protective Services took custody of them from their father.

"These kids were not strangers to us,” Berg said. “They were comfortable with us. They would run to us. We liked them and we played with them."

Investigating their deaths was difficult.

"This was probably the first case like this I can ever remember actually crying afterwards,” Johnson said. “It was tough.”

Out of that anguish came an idea for a charity to help other foster kids.

"A lot of the people that are taken into protective custody don't have any belongings at all, and if they do, we were told they have to carry them around in plastic garbage bags," Johnson said.

To help foster kids, Charlie’s Dinosaur  is holding a big fundraiser Saturday at Garage Plus in Spanaway. Owner Michelle Simon, who's adopted three kids, knows how important it is.

“If it's gonna take care of these children and these children can go someplace with a backpack and with clothing and toiletry and have a toy, it is so well worth it," Simon said.

"It tells me that we can do something positive for kids and out of this horrible, horrible thing at least every time I look at it, I know that we've done something positive," Johnson said.

Saturday's event for "Charlie's Dinosaur" is being organized with help from the Pierce County Marine Corps vets and will include a pro-wrestling battle, bands, a 4 x4 show and even a free bouncy house for the kids.

If you’d like to donate so that foster kids can have suitcases and backpacks, instead of plastic bags for their belongings, click on this link for more information on Charlie’s Dinosaur Facebook page.