Virginia-class USS California before its commissioning in Norfolk, VA

Virginia-class USS California before its commissioning in Norfolk, VA (Wikimedia Commons / October 28, 2011)

The Navy announced Friday that one of its newest nuclear submarines will bear the name USS Washington.

The Washington was named along with four other upcoming Virginia-class attack submarines.

The USS Washington, designated SSN 787, will be the third Navy vessel to bear the name. USS Washington ACR-11 was an armored cruiser commissioned in 1905 and USS Washington BB56 was a WWII-era battleship.

SSN 787 is a 7,800-ton, 377-foot-long attack submarine with the capability to conduct ballistic missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine operations. It will also serve as a special forces insertion and support platform.

U.S. Senator Patty Murray said the USS Washington serves as recognition of the support the state offers the Navy and Naval submarining.

“I am pleased that the Navy has announced that one of their newest submarines will recognize Washington state’s great contributions to the Navy’s submarine history and its role as the third largest fleet concentration in the United States,” Murray said.

“As home to Naval Base Kitsap, our state has been a center for the construction, operation, repair and maintenance of the US submarine fleet for nearly 40 years. This is a well deserved honor.”

The other four new subs announced by the navy are the USS Illinois, USS Colorado, USS Indiana and the USS South Dakota. 

All five will be built by Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding in Newport News, Va.