Days of rain has rivers overflowing their banks and mudslides have damaged several homes, especially in Stanwood, where some houses are perched on a bluff overlooking the Sound.  

Well, the bluff gave way.

"It`s a beautiful area to live and, unfortunately, when you live on the beaches with bluffs behind you, these are one of the dangers with Mother Nature," North County Regional Fire Authority Chief Christian Davis said Wednesday.

Heavy rain in the last few days had left hillsides saturated, and the mud had no place to go but down.

"We had a landslide, about a 75- or 100-foot landslide,” Davis said. “It destroyed one home, seriously damaged another.  One house was occupied at the time of the slide, but everybody was able to get out safely." 

Meanwhile to the east, in the city of Snohomish, the problem was water -- way too much water spilling out of the banks of the Pilchuk River.

Homeowner Charis Yates said, “I love living by the river, but this is what you have to suffer with.  When it floods, it floods and it`s powerful." 

Yates` home is now surrounded by water.

"This is the second worst that I`ve seen, and I`ve been here 12 years,” Yates said.

Mud and debris were blocking both lanes of state Highway 112 at Milepost 5 between Neah Bay and Sekiu, the state Department of Transportation said. The road was to remain closed until Thursday.