The next time you pick up a pint of Oregon grown blueberries, know that a fierce falcon probably helped protect those crops.

Some of Oregon's larger blueberry growers have enlisted the help of falcons this summer to keep other invasive birds away.

Starlings, for example, can descend upon the fields and caused thousands of dollars in damage to fruit crops.

Gingerich Farms of Canby was among the first to enlist the services of falcons.

They work with Oregon-based B-1RD, which also provides similar services to wine grape growers in California.

The owner of Gingerich Farms said as soon as the falcons were introduced to their operation, the starlings quickly left the immediate area.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture said protecting blueberry crops is especially important for local farmers right now.

The department reports state-wide production is at an all-time high while the value of the crops has never been greater.

For more details, visit the Oregon Department of Agriculture's website.