From their old haunt at Westlake Park the group Occupy Seattle made its way to the Sheraton hotel, marching down the middle of the street while dodging oncoming traffic.

“I'm here because the gap between the rich and the poor keeps increasing and increasing and there's no solution on the table by our leaders, so we as citizens of America feel we have to step up,” said one protester.

Several hundred protesters occupied 6th Ave. in front of the Sheraton hotel, forcing police to shut down the road to traffic for several hours.

The crowd chanted “Jamie Dimon's got to go,” referring to the CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“(Dimon's) a giant thief. He's robbed more people of his livelihood than probably all the people we have in jail right now.  He needs to be prosecuted like a thief,” said another demonstrator.

Unlike some of the more peaceful protests that occurred in October, things got physical Wednesday.

At one point, a protester threw a bottle at police, and police responded in large numbers and dressed in full riot gear. And then police brought out the pepper spray, using it to help control the crowds.

Protesters tried to help each other flush their eyes and mouths.

The violence started early in the afternoon when demonstrators occupied the Chase bank branch on Capitol Hill at Broadway and Thomas.

Inside the bank, five protestors locked themselves together and prevented customers from accessing the bank teller counters. The suspects, three men and two women, refused to unlock themselves and leave the premises after several verbal warnings to do so from officers. Officers used pepper spray to help disperse the assailants. At 3:00 p.m., officers arrested the five protestors for criminal trespass.

The arrest inside led to additional conflict between the protestors and officers. Upon seeing the arrests inside, an adult male obstructed officers while they were trying to remove the suspects from the scene. That male was arrested for obstructing a public officer. He was interviewed and later released from the precinct. 

Nearly half a dozen people were arrested.

All five suspects arrested inside the bank were transported to the East Precinct for processing and subsequently booked into the King County Jail for criminal trespassing.

Several officers sustained minor injuries, but did not require medical transportation.

Back at the Sheraton hotel, guests had to deal with a protest many of them didn't expect.

It complicated their evening, but some made it clear that while separated by a fence, they were united by a common cause.

Below is a live stream of Occupy Wall Street protesters from around the country.


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