For Washington State Department of Transportation road crews, Tuesday was a very long and busy day; for some, 14 hours long as they tried to keep Snoqualmie Pass open to traffic in both directions as snow and freezing rain kept falling.

It was a losing battle and not much better for drivers.

"Headed to Walla Walla and it’s been stop and go, mostly stop,” said driver Jed Smith.

Smith had been on the road with his family for three hours and still had a long way to go.  "I hope to get there in another three hours but I have no idea what to expect on the other side,” he said.

Kelly Hill was westbound, headed to Seattle from Ellensburg.

"A lot of sitting.  We sat for two or three hours waiting for traffic to move and we just now got on the road and started moving so it’s been a lot of sitting and waiting,” Hill said.

Out on the highway there was a mixture of rain and snow.

Depending on where they were, drivers had to deal with ice or water or slush or a closed highway as crews did avalanche control.

Conditions changed minute to minute.  The highway was closed in both directions early in the afternoon for more than an hour.  When avalanche control was finished, the highway was back open, only to be closed a short time later.

A bad situation that was repeated throughout the day.

It's not how Monica Mathieu wanted to spend her evening.

 "It’s supposed to be an hour and 20 minute trip where we’re going and we left at 3 (p.m.). It’s been three and a half hours and we’re not there yet,” Mathieu said.

WSDOT plans to have crews on standby through the Thanksgiving holiday.  The weather is expected to get much worse before it gets better, with lots of snow, more highway closures and more avalanche control.