Passengers on a British Airways flight flying over the Atlantic were terrified when it was announced twice that their plane was about to land in the ocean.

The British Airways flight was at 35,000 feet and about halfway from Miami to London’s Heathrow International Airport when a taped message was played by accident. And screams rang out while it was repeated.

"It was about 3 a.m.,” a man from Edinburgh, Scotland, told the Sun. “An alarm sounded and we were told we were about to land in the sea. I thought we were going to die. My wife was crying and passengers were screaming. Then they played an announcement telling us to just ignore the warnings."

Another passenger said: "When we landed they were handing out letters apologizing, but it was the worst experience of my life. I don't think BA should get away with this."

A BA spokesman said of the scare on flight BA 0206 on Friday: "The cabin crew canceled the announcement immediately and sought to reassure customers that the flight was operating normally. We apologize to customers for causing them undue concern."

In August 2010, a message announcing: "We may shortly need to make an emergency landing on water," was played by mistake on a British Airways flight from Heathrow to Hong Kong.