A group of veterans honored fallen American troops in an unusual way Saturday, by installing a symbolic cemetary at Tacoma’s Marine Park

“We need to think about what we can do to make all of their sacrifices worth it,” said Ray Nacanaynay, an Air Force veteran. “Its about remembering those who sacrficied for our way of life,” he added.

The Memorial Day Weekend  installation, called Arlington Northwest in honor of Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, includes thousands of “headstones.”

Each grave marker features the real name of a soldier lost to war. Washington state casualties are marked with blue and black ribbons.

“It makes you shudder, because every one of them represents someone who’s gone,” said Barbara Reed, a Tacoma resident who was out ofr a walk when she came upon the tribute.

Curtis Meyers, a Vietnam veteran, walked among the tribute with his family. He found that the memorial truly resembled Arlington National Cemetery.

 “I’ve been there a couple times,” Meyers said. “You see all the white crosses and stuff. Just makes you stop to think of all the guys who didn’t come home.”