Market Ghost Tours, which has been introducing visitors to Seattle's ghosts for years, has been named the #2 ghost tour in the U.S.

The tour company offers walking tours of the market and the places early Seattle residents lived. Tour guides point out where the bars, the brothels and the bodies are buried at Pike Place Market.

The tour company was given the recognition by the travel website TripAdvisor.

In singling out Market Ghost Tours, TripAdvisor said that their scout felt goose bumps during the tour, and may have seen a spirit.

Here's the complete list of TripAdvisor's ghost tours:

1. Hearse Ghost Tours, Savannah, Georgia 2. Market Ghost Tour, Seattle, Washington 3. Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour, Salem, Massachusetts 4. The Alamo Ghost Tour, San Antonio, Texas 5. Les Promenades Fantomes (The Original Ghost Lantern Walking Tour), Quebec, Canada 6. Oahu Ghost Tours, Honolulu, Hawaii 7. Haunted Pub Crawl, Wilmington, North Carolina 8. Haunted Vegas Tour & Show, Las Vegas, Nevada 9. GhoSt Augustine, St. Augustine, Florida 10. Providence Ghost Tour, Providence, Rhode Island