A new adult care facility on Bainbridge Island is causing a lot of controversy.

It offers a place for the elderly to live but neighbors in the quiet neighborhood where the home is located say it is the wrong place for such a facility.

In Bainbridge Island's Commodore neighborhood at the end of a small cul-de-sac In an unassuming home Is the Bailey Manor Adult Care Facility.

Pamela Lee Mother is a resident. She says, "It's a great neighborhood for the elderly to come to and spend their quiet years."

Pamela Lee's mother is the first person to move in to Bailey Manor.

She says she was shocked by the neighbors' reaction.

Most say they oppose the residential home facility in their neighborhood.

Neighbor Greg Millerd says, "We're not against old people. We're gonna be old once. We have parents. We're against having a business in a residential area."

Greg Millerd says that means ANY business.

Neighbors jack and annie wilson agree and the stress their opposition is not about age discrimination.

Neighbor Annie Wilson says, "Discrimination has never been an issue, as you can see I'm a senior, my husband is. Three of the other four houses here are owned by senior citizens."

Right now Bailey Manor has just one resident but if the facility gets state approval the owners hope to expand and house as many as six senior citizens by the end of the year.

Millerd says, "The parking we think is going to be excessive for the neighborhood. We're concerned about traffic. We have three kids that aren't always paying attention to what other people are doing."

The Facility is owned by Marti Bailey. She and her husband owns a similar facility in Auburn. She says neighbors there have welcomed their facility.

Bailey says, "We give great care. We're great neighbors. We're good citizens. There's no reason for all the drama."

Pamela Lee agrees. She says, "They're concerned about things that any household moving in here they would have to face, no matter who was moving in. A family with a lot of kids that are active in the community would face just as much traffic and more noise."

The Bainbridge Planning Department has recommended approving Bailey Manor's business license so the hope is both sides will find a way to co-exist.

Bailey Manor is the first residential facility for senior citizens on Bainbridge Island.