The Hartles are spending their days in what has now become home, a small room at the Ronald McDonald House in northeast Seattle.

They're here for their 3-year-old son John who is fighting to stay alive.

"We've been here since June," says father Jeremy Hartle,  "my son has cancer neuroplastoma."

Since John's diagnosis, the family truck has been their lifeline.  The Hartles are from Kalispell, Montana they've been travelling between here and there once or twice a month, until Tuesday night when someone took off in their 2002 black Ford F-250.

"Came out and the truck was gone. There's no glass or anything so I don't know if they broke the glass or what. Well, it's our only mode of transportation... So it's been tough."

Karen Hartle - who is also 7 months pregnant says much of what didn't fit into their little room, was stored in the truck. A GPS system, clothes, medical tubing for John and even baby clothing. "John's car seat is in there, the baby's co-sleeper is in there...we just want our truck back."

Police don't have any leads just a basic description and those Montana plates to go on.

Despite their run of bad luck, the Hartles aren't angry.

Karen says hard economic times push people to do bad things.

"We understand these are hard economic times but at least know the people's lives they're impacting, and maybe consider it. Especially considering where we are.  If some good can potentially come out of this, that's all we can ask"

They say even though times are tough for them, what matters most is that their son gets better and that he still has a smile on his face.