Hundreds gathered at the University of Washington Tuesday night to try and figure out what health care reform might end up looking like, just one week before Congress resumes their debate in Washington, D.C.

Meany Hall was packed as Representative Jim McDermott tried to explain house bill 3200 to the crowd, amid few interruptions.

At one point when a man stood up and began shouting loudly, another one a few rows in front of him, stood, turned, and yelled "if you want Democracy to work, allow this man (McDermott) to speak!"

Most of the people Q13 Fox News talked to at the town hall were conflicted over reform they believe could end up being a "single payer" health plan. That basically is like a "medicare-for-all" universal health care, similar to what Canada has.

Kathleen Myers who attended the town hall feels like not enough is being done to push a single payer plan, over a public option.

"I don't think that its practical to, um, compromise with insurance companies," said Myers, "there's no way there's any cost-control in this bill."

But others like Sacha Davis, who works in the healthcare field, says any option that gets more people the help they need, is a good one.

"We need a public option, I would like single payer health care, but it may not be workable right now," said Davis, "but at least a public option is something that would give more access to people."

Congress is due back from their summer break after Labor Day, and experts say many Democrats are hoping the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, a champion of health care reform, will inspire lawmakers to work towards passage of a reform bill.

To learn more about the bill, and potential health care reform, you can find the entire house bill at the pdf link below, or click on the website created by the Obama Administration at