There was a shouting match outside Everett Memorial Stadium Wednesday afternoon where thousands came out to sound off on Healthcare.

It's the latest round in local town hall meetings. This one from Democratic Congressman Rick Larsen.

In the parking lot before the town hall meeting there were those who support President Obama and those who clearly didn't. Some of them carried pictures of president with a Hitler type mustache.

There were those who want healthcare reform and those who didn't.

At t times there were quiet civilized discussions, one on one or in groups, and at other times things got out of hand with arguments and signs being ripped up.

Brady Anderson opposes Healthcare reform and says; "I am totally against government having anything to do with my healthcare. I don't think healthcare is a God given right. I think healthcare is something we should pay for just like we pay for our car insurance."

Ivan Molsted supports Healthcare reform. He says; "If we can get a choice we can keep the insurance companies honest, but without a choice our insurance bills will keep going higher and higher and higher."

Inside the town hall meeting one man asked: "Is there an example of government running something like this better than the private sector? I mean anything?

Congressman Rick Larsen responded: "Medicare. When Medicare went into place, before Medicare went into place 44 percent of seniors in this country were uninsured."

A crowd of about 3600 packed Everett Memorial Stadium with concerns and questions for Congressman Rick Larsen, the man who represents them in Washington. "How is this really going to be paid for?" asked on woman.

Larsen responded; "About half of that would be paid for through an additional 1.2% tax on the incomes of people making over one million dollars."

The other half Larsen says will be paid for with expected saving in Medicare.

Another woman said; "I'm concerned that if you vote for this the seniors are going to be left out to dry."

Not on his watch said Larsen and he assured people they would not lose control of their own healthcare.

Larsen told the crowd; "If people have insurance and a physician that they like they shouldn't have to change it and there's nothing in any bill I've read that's going to force anybody to change.

Most of the people who came to the meeting said they came for answers and information, but most of them left before the meeting was over. Whether they got what they came for is unclear but one thing is certain the debate and the argument over the one trillion dollar proposal will continue.


President Obama's proposed health care overhaul is so contentious, it has prompted the organizers of a town hall forum to move the event to a bigger venue in order to accommodate people who want answers about the plan.

Hundreds of people are expected to attend the meeting at Everett Memorial Stadium. Congressman Rick Larsen is hosting the event, which starts at 5 pm Wednesday.

The event was going to be held at a room at Everett Station, but after hundreds of people showed up at a similar event in Mount Vernon over the weekend, the decision was made to make room for more people.

Members of Congress have been jeered, booed and taunted at health care town halls across the nation as skeptics voice concerns over the plan to revamp the health care system.

Rep. Larsen says the people who attended the Mount Vernon event were evenly split between those in favor of health care reform and those against health care reform. He expects tonight's event in Everett to be civil.

"We're going to do it the Pacific Northwest way. We're going to have a good debate. I want to hear what people have to say," Rep. Larsen told Q13 FOX News This Morning. "I want to hear people say why they think the current system works and why it doesn't work."

There will be microphones set up for audience members to ask questions and speak out about the health care overhaul plan.