The parking lot of Schaefer-Shipman Funeral Home in Marysville will be the site of a kids train, a bouncy house, clowns, face painting, free hot dogs and soda, and pet adoptions by N.O.A.H. on Saturday.

The Everett Herald reports, the block party will run from noon to 3 p.m. Funeral home staff will also be on hand to give tours of the chapel and the selection room. Artifacts such as a wicker gurney will also be available to view.

A funeral home may sound like an odd place to hold a party, but it's not according to Jon Gordon, the general manager at Schaefer-Shipman Funeral Home.

"This is a community center whether people think that or not," he said. "Anytime I can bring people in on a happy occasion I'm all for that."

Gordon hopes a crowd of people show up for the party.

"I really hope that I run back and forth to the store all day," he said. "I'm starting with 144 hot dogs and going from there."

For more information about the block party, call Schaefer-Shipman Funeral Home at 360-659-3711.