Weekend temperatures around the Puget Sound region are expected to go above 90 degrees this weekend and into the early part of next week. The average summer temperature in Seattle is 76 degrees, with only about 24 days every summer above 80.

Those without air conditioning are bracing for the hot weather. Many homes around Seattle do not have air conditioning because some people argue it's not necessary. Western Washington native Nick Weise said he thinks Seattlites get too worked up over a little heat "all over the world people deal with heat way hotter than it is here."

Many business owners who have air conditioning hope it will help them bring in more customers. Cafe Metropolitain, in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, is advertising their a/c along with the drink specials. Owner Quyen Lu said they hope people will come during the weekend and get relief at their restaurant.

Local hotels are also getting plenty of phone calls. At the Residence Inn by Marriott in Bellevue, General Manager Jerry Rice said they've had more bookings "people have specifically called the hotel and said do you have air conditioning and if so what are your weekend rates." The hotel offers air conditioning and a pool for people who want to escape the heat and still stay in town.

While it should be over 90 degrees for several days, meorologists do not believe we will set a new record. The current heat record for Seattle was set 15 years ago and sits at 100 degrees.