City leaders in the Green River valley are bracing for possible flooding this winter. They met Monday with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other government agencies and community leaders to talk about a game plan.

The problem is the Howard Hanson Dam. After our January storms a sinkhole developed on the dirt side of the dam. The Army Corps is studying the problem and doing a temporary fix for now. But the Army Corps says people should be concerned about possible flooding this year and be prepared. Col. Anthony Wright says, "I think they should. That's the reason we're having this meeting. We cannot use this dam to its full capacity anymore."

Auburn Mayor Pete Lewis is telling his citizens to, "Get your flood insurance and get it now. Go to the city websites and get the information. Be prepared to work with us to volunteer. Keep yourself informed."

At Monday's meeting they also talked about sandbagging, improving levees and removing river debris. Community leaders say they've been meeting for months discussing this potential problem and trying to come up with solutions.

The Army Corps says the dam has prevented floods in the Green River Valley since 1962.