It's the movie everyone is talking about "Eclipse" the latest in the Twilight saga based on vampires and werewolves. The film opens at midnight Wednesday.

The characters for the books and movies live in the coastal towns of Forks and La Push. Tuesday in Forks "Twihards" from all over the world are checking out the sites and buying up as much souvenirs as they could get their hands on.

Welcome to Vampire Town USA. Forks is a tiny logging town transformed into a tourism Mecca by the Twilight books and movies.

Rianilee Belles with Dazzled by Twilight Tours said Forks has become a tourist destination. "We call it Twisneyland, Twilight Disney people come here and want to escape away from reality."

And, with "Eclipse" hitting the big screen "Twilight" fans are once again flocking to Forks to escape from reality and sink their teeth into the vampire craze.

Locals like Cheri Fleck said the town is buzzing with vampire fans.

"It's been kind of crazy it's quite a phenomenon traffic coming by us right now it's consistent," said Fleck.

Twilight is big business here. Shops are selling out of makeup, t-shirts, band-aids, anything fans of Edward, Jacob, and Bella may crave.

At Sully's Drive In Twilighters are chowing down on grub just like their favorite Werewolf Jacob would.

One of the top attractions here in Forks is Bella's pickup truck which is parked right in front of the visitor's center.

You can pay for a tour or drive on your own to check out Bella's house, also where she goes to school, and where her Police Chief Dad works. Also, you can visit the home of her vampire boyfriend, where Edward and the rest of the Cullen clan live.

Cheri Fleck said Dr. Cullen has his own spot of fame at the town's hospital. "People are so excited about Dr. Cullen's parking sign at the hospital, my office is just outside of that, people come by from all over the world it's been amazing."

According to Belles, Forks now just needs the actual movie stars. "The only thing that's missing is they just have to run into one of the characters."

We got kind of lucky during our time in Forks, we ran into Edward impersonator Ian "Buzz" Barnes trying to make a buck.

"People started talking to me and talking to me and saying hey you look like this guy, ha, ha. Myself I'm the most Twidentified man. I'll do whatever it takes," said Barnes.

Don't expect the Twilight buzz to die down anytime soon. Stephanie Myers' book "Breaking Dawn" will also be made into another move soon. That means "Twihards" will continue to cruise to the coast to see the sites made famous by the Twilight saga.