Sea-Tac Airport got a visit from a strange passenger on Wednesday, a comedian who's living on a commercial jet.

Mark Malkoff is actually eating, sleeping and living on-board. "Yeah, this is where I live. I slept in row 29 last night. Don't try this at home," says Malkoff.

He's living on an AirTran Airways 737 for a month as it travels the nation everyday, picking-up and dropping-off passengers. Malcoff says he's living on the plane to get over his fear of flying, but he's done stunts like this before, like living in an IKEA store for a week.

Malkoff has been flying for more than 3-weeks now and his most recent stop was Sea-Tac Airport, so we greeted him with a Mocha Frappuccino, which he requested on his blog. As he stepped out of the plane we said, "Welcome to Seattle!" and handed him the grande drink. With a big smile he drank some of it and said, "Where's my flannel shirt?" But that wasn't the first Frappuccino he got. Seconds before, a fan presented him with a venti Frappuccino! Malkoff couldn't be happier. To eat, he says he often gets people to get him food in the airport.

He's also found a way to avoid becoming a coach potato. While on-board the jet, he exercises by running up and down the aisles and does push-ups.

He also plays practical jokes. Malkoff says, "We got bored the other day and did something called the Flight Attendant Call Button Wave, where you start in the front of business class and you get them to push the call button and then the 2nd row, 3rd row, 4th row, etc and ding, ding, ding, etc!" Pretty soon every row was pushing their call buttons!

He also says he stays clean. Really? While sleeping, eating and living on a plane? Malkoff says he got some help from firefighters. He says, "Charleston was fun and then Flint, Michigan they hosed me down on the tarmac." He says, "Cleanest I've been in 2-weeks!" Passengers we spoke to say they'd prefer not sitting by him because of the shower issue, but they're hoping he'll crack funny jokes from a distance.

Malkoff's also found a weird way to wash his hair. He says, "We didn't play Bingo or Twister like a couple flights ago. A flight attendant did not wash my hair this time, but it has happened in the past." A bystander asked him if it was with Fresca. He says, "That was a mechanic actually. I was going to take a bath on the plane with a kitty pool and the water wasn't working, so the closest thing we had was Fresca."

The one thing we couldn't get an answer to was why during his one hour lay-over in Seattle did he take a fly fishing lesson right outside his plane? The instructor was Dave McCoy of Emerald Water Anglers in Seattle. He had Malkoff put on fishing gear and taught him how to fly fish. The most important thing they were missing was the fish, but that didn't stop them from trying. McCoy admits this was a first. He's never tried catching fish on a tarmac.

But the fun quickly ended, the fishing gear came off, and it was time to head back into his "home in the air". This time he's off to Atlanta and on his way to a world record. The current record holder went on 128 flights, but Malkoff plans to do 139.

What do passengers and flight crews think of Malkoff's adventure? The Captain of his flight told us, "Thirty days? I think it's insane." Passengers agree saying, "That's weird." Another told us, "I think it's crazy, but fun!"

Malkoff's last flight is June 30th. His next stunt? He's going to stay in his apartment for 30-days, in his own bed! He misses his cat in New York, but does get to see his wife on weekends when she flies with him.

Is he still afraid of flying? Malkoff says, "I think my fear is pretty much gone. If I started at a 10, I'm now at 1-1/2 or 2."

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