An anonymous donor is giving the infamous teen fugitive a chance.

He's offering Colton Harris-Moore $50,000 if he turns himself in to police.

Edmonds lawyer Jim Johanson made the announcement Thursday afternoon at the office of the bounty hunters trying to catch Harris-Moore.

He says he got the call about the money Wednesday, looked into the legitimacy of the offer, and than accepted the money into one of his personal bank accounts expressively for the purpose of giving it to Harris-Moore.

There is a catch though.

The teen bandit has to turn himself in by Tuesday, June 8th.

"Its a golden opportunity for him on his terms, it provides him with his terms, its a win-win, for everybody, law enforcement, community, judicial system," said Johanson, "if we can bring justice to this situation in a fair reasonable manner, everybody wins."

Johanson says he'll even give the teen bandit free legal council for a short time, once he turns himself in.

Authorities across Western Washington have been hoping to catch the alleged bandit since his escape from a halfway house in April 2008. Harris-Moore is believed to be responsible for dozens of burglaries and thefts.

Upon learning the news of the $50k offer, bounty hunter Mike Rocha says police were fine with it.

There is also a $9,000 reward that was offered for information leading to the capture of Colton.

Deputies released a series of photographs taken by security cameras at Spencer's Landing Marina on Lopez Island on May 15th.

The surveillance pictures show a young man walking along a dock at around 1:40 a.m. They believe he is Colton Harris Moore.

The following morning on May 16th, a boat owner reported his sport fishing boat missing from a small private marina.

While taking the report, the U.S. Coast Guard located the abandoned vessel floating off Camano Island.

This incident is being investigated as another possible criminal event involving Harris-Moore.

Last fall, after a stolen small plane crash-landed at an airport, Harris-Moore was caught on surveillance video breaking into a grocery store. A hardware store, bar, coffee-shop and bank were also hit at that time.

A few weeks later, a Cessna was stolen from a rural airport in Idaho and crash-landed near Granite Falls, Wash., when it ran out of fuel.

Colton Harris-Moore is not officially being named a suspect in these most recent cases. He is believed to be connected to several home and business burglaries since his disappearance in 2008. Harris-Moore is also believed to have stolen several cars, boats, and three small airplanes.

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