UW fans around the world gathered to watch the Huskies take on West Virginia in the NCAA tournament. It was a virtual watch party made possible by technology that wasn't being used the last time the Dawgs went to the Sweet 16.

To watch the game people used live stream, slingbox, even webcams. Then Huskies tracked the highs and the lows using twitter and Facebook. A "Huskies Unite" map showed purple dots around the globe were Dawg fans were following the game.

On Twitter, they posted scores and commented on everything from the uniforms to the referees. Even Governor Chris Gregoire logged on with a "Go Huskies" cheer. One post on twitter said "frustrated.. The Huskies should be up 4-6, if they could do something in the half court." From there they had plenty of ups and downs with the Huskies heading to half time in the lead.

It was a frustrating second half as the fans watched the lead slip away one tweet said "down down down.. Huskies going down." Another frustrated fan called their play "sloppy, sloppy, sloppy."

Even with fans all over the world pulling for the team, the Dawgs couldn't pull out a win. After the game twitterverse was just as busy with fans talking about the end of this season "It was a great run dawgs" and looking to the future "already excited for next season."