A Seattle-area cottage industry is making and selling pants for dogs. Underpants, that is.

Neena Pellegrini started her business, "Pants For Pets" four years ago when her little male dog kept marking her little female dogs. How to protect the girls?

She saw some canine "belly bands" on the market, but the fit wasn't great. So she re-thought the concept, came up with some design specifications and found a seamstress willing to stitch some up.

Pelligrini says many of her customers are owners of female purebreds and use the panties during dog show season.

Many, though, use the absorbent doggie undies and thongs - yes, thongs - to protect dogs with an incontinence problem or female dogs that haven't been fixed. They protect floors and rugs from the accidents that happen as a dog ages or has medical problems.

In fact, she recently displayed her products at two high profile events, New York's tony Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show , and at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Pants For Dogs is based in Tacoma. The website is pantsfordogs.com