If you're in downtown Seattle this weekend and you see Spiderman swinging by -- there's no need for alarm.

He's just hitting the "Emerald City ComiCon" with the rest of the costumed heroes and real-life movie stars.

The annual event has some big leaguers from the world of sci-fi and comic books.

And where they go, the fans will follow.

When you walk into this year's "ComiCon" at the Washington State Trande and Convention Center, you're plunging into a pop-culture smorgasboard.

The menu includes colorful costumes peppered with comics and movie memorabilia.

Some wannabe stars.

"We're just going to expose ourselves to everybody," says one "ComicCon" attendee.

And some very real stars, like Leonard Nimoy.

"You just walk out on stage and as soon as you walk out, they're cheering."

This is Leonard Nimoy's first visit to ComiCon.

More than 40 years since he put on the pointy ears of Mr. Spock, fans still flock to see him.

"I'm here for Leonard Nimoy -- long time fan," said one fan waiting to see Mr. Spock in-person and up-close.

"He's been my hero since I was a little kid," said another.

"It's great. There's such a tremendous sense of emotion that comes at you," Nimoy says. "It's a tremendous lift and I love these people."

And the people will line up for hours to get a moment with stars like Nimoy and Erin Gray, who was in Buck Rogers more than 30 years ago.

"It's absolutely amazing, the staying power of something like this." says Erin Gray, who played Colonel Wilma in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century -- as well as Congresswoman Karen Archer in "Profiler" -- and Kate in "Silver Spoons."

This is the 8th year of ComicCon in Seattle and it is bigger then ever. In fact organizers are expecting 40,000 people to come through these halls in just two days.

That's how they were able to lure Spiderman creator and comic book legend, Stan Lee.