A north Seattle doughnut house has earned a place on "Bon Appetit" magazine's "Top Ten Best Places For Doughnuts".

But before you begin salivating and licking your lips thinking of your favorite calorie-busting sweet fried dough treat, you may want to know these delectable delights are made without milk and without eggs: completely trans-fat-free and cholesterol-free. But they're still in the top ten!

The doughnut maker getting all this attention: Mighty-O Donuts on N. 55th Street in Seattle.

The magazine writes: "Mighty-O Donuts: dairy- and egg-free. Trans-fat and cholesterol-free. Here, the ethereal sugar rings (in flavors like lemon poppy seed, spiced cake with maple glaze, and chocolate iced with peanuts) are all that-and organic to boot. 2110 North 55th Street; 206-547-0335"

So which other establishments made the elite list of top ten doughnut makers in the nation?

From "Bon Appetit" Magazine:

Randy's Donuts, Los Angeles L.A. has donuts on just about every corner, but you can t beat this legendary stop near LAX. Look for the huge donut atop the building (a 1952 landmark). The buttermilk and crumb-raised doughnuts are crowd-pleasers.

Dynamo Donuts, San Francisco At this counter in the Mission District, long lines form early for Four Barrel coffee (roasted nearby) and inventive doughnuts including lemon-Sichuan, apricot-cardamom, and the excellent caramel de sel.

Bouchon Bakery, Yountville, California On weekends, donut disciples head to Thomas Keller's casual spot for pastry chef Richard Capizzi's treats, including jelly doughnuts with seasonal preserves and the brioche doughnut topped with chocolate mini balls.

Dat Donuts, Chicago Every donut at this South Side joint is made by hand. Purists will like the raised glazed doughnuts (available in a supersize version as well), while cream-filled-center devotees must have the Boston cream.

Kane's Donuts, Saugus, Massachusetts In business since 1955, this no-frills Beantown institution is located 20 minutes from downtown. Favorites include honey-dipped and powdered-sugared varieties, and a huge coffee roll.

The Donut Stop, St. Louis A big roadside sign announces this white stand-alone shop straight out of Homer Simpson's dreams: Glass cases are filled with glazed doughnuts, fried pies, fritters, and custard-filled rounds.

Doughnut Plant, New York City The artisanal doughnut boom can be traced to Mark Isreal's Lower East Side place. The classic glazed and tres leches cake donuts are perfection. Even the jellies in the trademarked jelly-filled square doughnuts are house-made.

Voodoo Doughnut, Portland What DalĂ­ was to art, Voodoo is to doughnuts. Among their masterpieces are the Dirty Snowball (chocolate cake donut with a pink marshmallow glaze) and the Memphis Mafia (chocolate chips, banana, and peanut butter).

Round Rock Donuts, Round Rock, Texas It opens at 4:00 a.m. and charges only $0.55 each for cake doughnuts in flavors like applesauce, blueberry, and chocolate. You can also go fancy-a cherry bismarck (jelly-filled) costs $0.75.106