An amazingly majestic bird that symbolizes American freedom -- is stuck behind the four walls of a Bellevue animal recovery center tonight.

A bald eagle survived a harrowing run-in with a nylon rope attached to a fence that entangled its talons in Arlington.

Animal rescuer Tim Brown, who specializes in large birds, tossed a blanket over its head and made whistling noises like a screeching eagle to calm it down.

Then he got the tangled mess off its foot.

"It was going after a duck, which it did catch," says Jeff Guidry of the Sarvey Wildlife Center. "The rope didn't let go of the eagle, and the eagle didn't let go of the duck."

The wildlife center will check out the bird for broken bones, since it was flopping around a bit during the ordeal.

So far, they say it looks like it has a bruised wing -- but is otherwise okay.

They hope to release it back into the wild in a few days.