If this nice weather's got your internal seasonal clock all confused, you're not alone. Billions upon billions are in the same boat, and they just may be in your house too.

"It could be a bad season this year for ants. We could have quite a bit of activity," says Al Brown with Cascade Pest Control

The problem - our mild winter has the insects all mixed up. Right now, ants are invading local homes. Normally that doesn't happen until late March or April.

"We've also seen wasps that are starting to show up. Honey bees are starting to show up, so everything's popping up earlier than normal," says Brown.

So you need to be on the lookout. Don't leave food, dirty dishes or drinks out. And if you do have an infestation, call the pros. Home remedies, like sprinkling pepper in problem places could make the problem worse for you and the exterminator

"It'll just repel them and they'll change direction. They'll split their nest and we'll end up chasing them all over the place," says Brown.