A local soldier is facing assault charges for punishing his four year old daughter after allegedly using a torture technique on her when she failed to recite her 'ABC's.'

Charging documents reveal that Joshua Tabor submerged his daughter's head into the water three to four times (face up). The water came around her forehead and jawline. Tabor told police she refused to 'say her letters.'

The technique is compared to 'waterboarding,' a form of torture used in the military.

Police responded to the house on January 31. Neighbors called police after finding Tabor in his Kevlar helmet threatening to break windows in the neighborhood. He was intoxicated at the time. When police investigated, they interviewed his girlfriend who revealed that Tabor 'beats' his daughter.

Police located the daughter in the bathroom and discovered several bruises and scratch marks on her back and shoulder. She also had bruising on the front and back of her neck. She told police, "Daddy did it" and "Daddy used his hands."

When police spoke with Tabor, he admitted that he was upset with his daughter when he submerged her in the water. According to Yelm Police, the father has placed his daughter's head in a sink full of water multiple times. They say the young girl is deathly afraid of water and this, combined with the fact the girl would not recite her ABC's, is why the father placed her in the water. He also told police that he didn't feel there was anything wrong with this form of punishment.

The child was taken into protective custody and the father was booked in jail for assault 3rd-degree of a child. Tabor will face his charges on February 16.

This case has drawn local and worldwide attention as many are comparing the abuse to "waterboarding", a form of torture used in the military.

Tabor is based out of the joint base Lewis-McChord. Fort Lewis military supervisors are working with investigators.