There were tears and hugs for a team of western Washington doctors and nurses who just returned from an important mission. The group from Northwest Physicians Network spent four days on the ground helping people in Haiti. "We saw 877 patients and did several surgeries on patients that needed care" said Dr. Stan Flemming.

Since the quake, hundreds of thousands of Haitians have fled Port-au-Prince and headed to outlying villages. The team helped people in those areas. Some of their patients walked miles and waited for hours to be seen. The situation in Haiti is not good; but this group still believes the people there have hope. "Certainly there are bad things going on, as well, but I think the good outweighs the bad" Nurse-Practitioner Suzette Gagnon-Bailey said.

The group took more than a thousand pounds of donated medical supplies and the determination to help others. They returned feeling transformed by the experience "I don't think you can go somewhere like this and not be impacted, it's terribly sad" Karianna Wilson said.

The mother of two became teary-eyed as she hugged her children Saturday afternoon. They were among the group who stood at the airport with flowers and signs to greet them. Wilson said it was especially hard to see all the children in Haiti who are living in difficult circumstances. "It makes you appreciate your own kids when you come home" Wilson said as she hugged her daughter.