Local relief teams continue to arrive in Haiti to help the victims of Tuesday's deadly earthquake. Although, getting in touch with medical personal and family members is extremely difficult with spotty phone reception.

On Saturday Q13 Fox News spoke by phone with Jesse Hagopian who is visiting Port-au-Prince with his family from Seattle.

"Literally 10 minutes after she came into the hotel room the earthquake hit," said Hagopian.

Jesse, his wife Sarah, and their 1-year-old son Miles were in Haiti so Sarah could teach a health class on AIDS. An EMT was staying at their hotel and the family helped the man attend to the injured.

"He began making splints and wrapping wounds and once people learned he was available for medical care people started coming to our hotel in mass," said Hagopian.

Medical Teams International sent a group of doctors and nurses from Redmond Thursday. They arrived in Port-au-Prince today. Executive Director Linda Ranz says communication has been limited to mostly email and text.

"They're basically coming in with everything they need to survive, plus the supplies to help thousands of people. So, they're a real target in some ways," said Ranz.

Linda says the medical situation is so bad in Haiti their doctors could be there for more than 5 years.

Jesse Hagopian and his family on the other hand are hoping to get back to Seattle soon. Jesse says they survived the quake and believe fate played a part in it.

"Really the remarkable thing for our family is that Sarah, my wife came home early that day which is a miracle," said Hagopian.

Two more teams of doctors from Medical Teams International will head to Haiti tomorrow from Portland and Seattle. The charitable organization says it still needs donations to provide medicine for earthquake victims. You can donate at www.medicalteams.org.