Advice from elders is one thing. Future premonitions are another.

"My grandmother, whose passed, god rest her soul, really took to Armon and enjoyed Armon," said John Groce, head coach at Ohio University.

She spoke of Armon Bassett, then a young guard trying to make a mark in college basketball, who was coached by Groce's stepbrother Travis Steele in AAU basketball.

By his side for a few seasons, Bassett had gotten to meet and know everyone in Steele's extended family, including Groce.

In meeting that coach, he also met grandma.

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"She said to me before she passed, she said 'Help that boy'," said Groce, whose grandmother passed away before he took the head coaching job at Ohio in 2008.

Little did he know that a few years later that he would get that chance.

Following a dismissal at Indiana, a semester at Alabama-Birmingham, Groce gave Basset a third opportunity to hit the Division I hardcourt.

"I've known him since 13 years old, my brother coached him in AAU and he knows my family, we know his family, I recruited him when I was an assistant at Ohio State," said Groce, who is coaching Bassett in his junior season at Ohio.

Especially in a whirlwind eight months following his departure from Indiana University after two seasons in the fallout surrounding the Kelvin Sampson resignation in the spring of 2008. He had just been named a third team All-Big Ten selection and led the conference in three-point shooting percentage.

Yet Bassett, like many from that team, were dismissed from the team as the new Hoosiers regime hoped to start with a clean slate.

He then went to UAB with coach Mike Davis, who had recruited him while he was still at Indiana. But Bassett's stay there was only a few months, and both sides mutually agreed to part ways late in 2008.

"I told him the only mistake you can make is if you don't learn from those circumstances and move forward," said Groce, who brought Bassett to the Athens, Ohio campus in January of 2009.

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When Bassett donned the green for the first time, he's already had taken lessons from this back-and-forth basketball journey.

"You judge a man from what he does after adversity not when he goes through it," said Bassett when asked what the biggest thing he learned from the past year-and-a-half was. "That's what I'm trying to do."

Groce, just like his brother had done before, kept up with Bassett, as he kept himself eligible and out of trouble till the beginning of fall camp this past September.

"In life nothing's easy, so it hasn't been roses every day, he'd tell you that. Certainly academically he has to fight for everything," said Groce-and then came the work on the court.

Injuries slowed Bassett early in the season, keeping him out of the first four games of Ohio's season. He returned to the court after a nearly two year absence on November 28th at Marshall, but missed all nine shots he took, and scored just four points off free throws in 28 minutes.

"He's was banged up a little bit in the fall and wasn't able to participate full strength in our conditioning program, so its taken him a little bit of time to get his conditioning base back to where its been maybe previously in his career," said Groce of Bassett's fall. "I think the more he plays and continues to play and work himself into shape so to speak, that's when his game is going to continue to be more consistent and even more productive."

Finally he began to break through in mid-December, scoring 27 points in a win over Deleware, then scoring 20 against Elon in another Bobcats victory. While his field goal percentage isn't to the level he used to-35.2 from the field and 29.8 from three-point range-he has raised his average to 12.1 points per contest while averaging 30 minutes of play.

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"The reputation I built, reputation as a shooter and it hasn't been going for me like I would want to but you know I think the chips are going to start to fall I'm not really worried about that," said Bassett of his play.

He might have gotten more justification for that on Wednesday night in his first game back in Indiana since playing with the Hoosiers. At Conseco Fieldhouse-where he lost his last game in the state on a buzzer beater to Minnesota in the Big Ten Tournament-Bassett completed a 14-point effort with a three pointer at the horn to give the Bobcats a 63-62 win over IUPUI.

"You know, kinda been struggling with my shot, missed a couple in a row and for me to hit the game winner in front of, you know, I had about 100 people here, it feels so good," said Bassett of the shot. "I couldn't have wrote it up any better."

Yet Groce, just as a certain relative told him, continues to keep a close watch.

"I tell him as soon as any of us, including myself, think we've arrived we're fooling ourselves," said Groce. "We can all improve and get better and I tell him all the time 'Let's get one percent better everyday' and he's really embraced that."