Christopher Wright faced questioning from a Kalamazoo County prosecutor.

Wright took a plea deal to testify against his brother William, who’s accused of shooting a deputy and leading officers on a high speed chase. For testifying, Christopher would avoid jail time.

Wright recalls that night. He, William and 16 year old Dominique Castle got pulled over by Kalamazoo County sheriff’s deputies. 

He says William had driven through a red light. When deputies stopped their truck, Christopher says William pulled his 9 mm from in-between the front seats. 

 “I was going to take the gun from him so he didn’t do nothing dumb with it and as soon as I went to go grab it, he snatched it back. And I said, ‘Don’t fire, don’t shoot’ or something,” Wright explains. 

“As soon as the officer reached his driver’s window, I heard Bill fire the first shot,” Wright says.

“I just put my head down, and that’s when the other officer started firing. I just put my head down in between my legs and William just took off,” he illustrates.

From there, he says the trio sped through neighborhoods, chased by police. They made multiple stops along the way and exchanged vehicles. One of those cars, he says, belonged to William’s on and off again girlfriend Jessica Carpenter. 

“She goes, ‘Are you serious, did you really just shoot a cop?’ And he says, ‘yes,’” Wright explains their interaction.

During the hearing, assistant prosecutor Diane Hungerford asked Christopher why he went along with it all. “I was scared, I didn’t know what to do,” he says.

At one point, Christopher says the group turned off their cell phones so they wouldn’t be tracked and listened to police scanners via the internet.

“Does [William] ever say that he’s gonna die by a cop shooting him?” Hungerford asks. “He just said he ain’t going back to prison,” Christopher replies.

Deputy Jeff Nicols was hit by William’s bullet. He went to the hospital and was released the same night of the shooting.

Christopher Wright will appear in circuit court next week. That’s when the prosecutor says he’ll recommend that Christopher only serve probation in exchange for his testimony.

William Wright now faces ten charges, including assault with intent to murder.