It's hard to remember the last time West Michigan went this far into December without a sizable snowfall.

After some digging, it turns out that about a decade has gone by since the region has had a similar start to 2011’s winter.

According to the calendar, we are two days away from winter. Usually people here in Michigan expect the season to arrive much earlier, with significant snow.

By that rule, with less than two inches of snow at places like Rosa Parks Circle, in Grand Rapids this December, the “welcome back party for winter” would not be thrown for some time

In fact, some Grand Rapids residents are still holding onto their summer hobbies.

"Ya know I can't remember really riding the bike in the month of December,” said motorcyclist Simon Holloway, who FOX 17 found riding through downtown Grand Rapids. “I usually plan on quitting in the month of October and this is great!"

The weather is great if you're a motorcyclist, but bad if you're a winter sports enthusiast. Winter hobbies, for now, are in hibernation.

If the lack of snow and winter weather seems unusual, it is.

"So far this year this December we've had 1.5 inches of snow on the ground in the Grand Rapids area,” said FOX 17 Chief Meteorologist Peter Chan, “and before the season, just 2.2 inches of snow."

According to Peter, December 2011 could grab a spot in the record books.

"If we go back and look at the records that have been kept by the National Weather Service back to the late 1800's, we've had only 15 times where 10 inches of snow or less has fallen through December."

Snow plows are taking a snooze in the Kent county road commission garage, but resting is not an option for workers.

"We have guardrail damage to repair,” said Jon Rice, Kent County Road Commission “we have all kinds of tree repairs that need to be done, it's a constant effort to be out there.”

Wheels seem more appropriate than treads on the snowmobiles in Victory Motorsports’ showroom.

 “When it comes to ATV's and snowmobile sales, our sales are down,” said Angie Werkema, Victory Motorsports. “When it comes to all of the merchandise, brand new coats  and apparel, we're actually having the best month that we've had all year.”

According to Peter, we have slim hopes for a classic white Christmas. Some residents are finding other ways to get into the Christmas Spirit, like Kiaura Garner.

“I guess I’ll have to stay inside and just watch Christmas Specials,” she told FOX 17.

Peter also added that in some cases in Michigan, areas are 20 inches below normal when it comes to snow.