Two police cars smashed into each other while heading to a burglary alarm at a high school in Kalamazoo overnight.  

The wreck sent two officers and a college student to the hospital.  A police K-9 had to make an emergency trip to the vet.  Luckily, everybody was out of the hospital by Monday night.

The whole incident started in the early morning hours Monday, around 3:30.

Two police cars were driving, one behind the other, while headed to the burglary scene.  Police said the lead driver tried to turn and the other cop slammed into the lead car.

"What it looks like is that the front officer was turning slightly which caused the officer in the back to run into the side of his car," said Assistant Chief Brian Uridge, Kalamazoo Public Safety.

One officer had some broken ribs and the other some cuts and bruises. There was also a college sophomore "Explorer Scout" doing a ride along.  He was hurt too.  The police K-9 involved was the only one not hurt.

"Dog was not injured, we actually took him to the emergency vet, got the dog checked out, he's fine too," said Uridge.

Police were trying to get to Hackett Catholic Central High School where a burglar alarm had gone off.  The first cops on-scene discovered someone had actually broken in and that's why the other police were in such a hurry to get to the school.

"They were worried the bad guys were still inside.  So we had multiple officers responding to the scene," said Uridge.

Monday is Hackett's first day back from winter break.  The broken glass is all cleaned up and the window replaced.  Police have the surveillance video.

"What you see on the video is he [the suspect] walks through and checks all the different doors and found nothing.  Then [he] went out one of the back doors.  That's what triggered the alarm," said Hackett Principal Tim Eastman.

Even though nothing was stolen all the commotion has made for a stressful start to the new semester.

"It's frustrating in a sense that I wanted a clean start where I could greet our students and be there for them.  But life intervened in this sense," said Eastman.

Police said they have identified the man who broke in and plan on arresting him soon.  

There is cruiser dash-cam video from the crash but police said it's part of the investigation and won't be released for a week or so.