A Black Friday stampede landed a Muskegon girl in the hospital, Thursday night.

Sunday, the man who pulled the fifteen year old to safety prepared to meet with her face to face.

“I’m nervous. I`m really nervous,” said Ellisha Stone inside Big Apple Bagel Coffee Shop. Just two days prior, a Black Friday adventure with her mom quickly turned violent.

Stone found herself at the bottom of a stampede at a Muskegon Wal-Mart.  It was a mad dash for discounted video games.

“There was like 40, 50 people behind me,” she recalled. “The [employee] couldn`t even cut the plastic when they said `go,’” she said.

At 10 pm, the employee gave the green light. “It was like a big huge rush come over us and around us. And it was like she was sucked in, and I couldn`t see her,” said Rhonda Stone, Ellisha’s mom.

“I got shoved down to the ground. Like fifty people were stepping on me,” the fifteen year old said. “When they stepped on my chest, I was trying to catch my breath but I couldn`t and I stopped breathing,” she added.

In stepped Chris Goodwin, not on Ellisha but he came to her rescue. He spoke with FOX 17 about the incident Friday night. He said he caught glimpses of her green sweater on the floor during the chaos and quickly came to the screaming girl`s aid.

“I just dove in there as far as I could get to her,” Goodwin said. The father of three pulled Ellisha to safety, and she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

During the interview, he put out one request. “If she`s watching, I`d really like her to get a hold of me, through you guys if she could. Just tell me how she was,” he requested.

Mrs. Stone saw the story and contacted FOX 17 the next day. The reunion at the Big Apple Bagel Coffee Shop was emotional for Mrs. Stone.

Chris arrived giving Mrs. Stone and Ellisha a hug. “How ya feeling?,” he asked the girl. She replied, “I`m really sore, I`m bruised, my ribs.” She said, in hindsight the good deals, weren’t worth going home with a bruised knee and bruised neck.

“If he wasn`t there, I would have been gone,” Ellisha said. “I think there was a reason her was there. I think he was our angel that day,” said Mrs. Stone.

“If it wasn`t for him, we don`t know what would have happened. It could have been worse or we could have lost her because people weren`t stopping,” Mrs. Stone added.

“Feels really good, I guess, just to be in the right place at the right time,” Goodwin said. “Thank you is all I wanted. And just perfect, glad I could help,” he said.