Kristin Stuck decided what her pageant platform as Junior Miss Coopersville would be from her hospital bed at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

Stuck had dreamed of being a pageant queen ever since she was little. At 11, she nabbed her first title, tiara and sash as Junior Miss Coopersville. A few months later, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

"It was extremely scary, but I tried not to show that I was afraid," Stuck told FOX 17 News. "One day I woke up, and I couldn't see my mom."

Stuck found herself spending her pageant reign in a hospital bed. She says one of the things that brought her comfort during that time was a purple fleece blanket with cartoon cows.

"Every child admitted to the ICU gets a blanket," explained Stuck. "I really liked it. It was nice and big and warm. And it made me feel really good."

Doctors were able to successfully remove the entire brain tumor. Months of recovery to regain her vision and re-learn how to walk followed. The ordeal also gave the young pageant queen the perfect idea of a way to give back.

Miss Coopersville Program Director Jackie Ransom immediately thought it was a great idea.

"She actually called me when she was in the hospital bed, and said 'Jackie, I thought of what I want to do as Junior Miss for my community service'... and I, of course, cried."

Stuck started a blanket drive to benefit other young patients at DeVos Children's Hopsital. She reached out to churches, the community and fellow pageant to make it happen.

"She is a fighter, and she's willing to help anyone or anything," said Kristin's mom Pattie Potter. "When she told me she wanted to do the blanket drive I was so proud of her."

Five years later, every Junior Miss Coopersville crowned since Kristin has kept the blanket drive going. The drives have brought in an average of about 200 blankets a year.

Stuck and the other participants of the Miss Coopersville program dropped off this year's collection of blankets earlier this week.

"It means a lot to me because something so little that I started has grown to be something so big now," said Stuck. "It's nice because I know that a little kid gets a blanket when they come in. They're not left without a blanket. There's always going to be one there for them."

Stuck currently holds the title of "Miss Coopersville". She plans to attend Michigan State University to become a Child Life Specialist in order to help more sick kids.

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