Chris Kerr of Portage says he immediately became friends with one of his employees, 48-year-old Chad Mundey.   Chris says Chad took initiative to show his boss the ropes when Chris was new to Chad's department.

"Ever since then we've just bonded,” Kerr said.  “We're two peas in a pod."

But over Memorial Day weekend Chad received some horrible news that would change his life forever.

"He had a seizure is what happened, they took him to the hospital ran some tests and found out that he had a stage three astrocytoma, Kerr said.  “When Chad told me that and it absolutely broke my heart.”

"Brain tumor is the first thing I remember [the doctors] saying, that just was devastating,” Mundey said.  “I would have never thought."

Since Chad was diagnosed with cancer Chris rallied the office and others to help during his recovery.

"We started thinking, how can we raise money for this guy?” Kerr said.  "We came to the conclusion, I’m afraid of heights why not jump out of an airplane and see what happens?”

What happened was $10,000 dollars in donations as the word spread about Chris' jump and Chad’s battle with cancer.

"I owe him a lot,” Mundey said.  “Once I do get better, time for some big paying it forward."

Chris was nervous as he suited up for his jump.  But, as promised, he took off in the plane and jumped out at 10,000 feet.  A large crowd of family and friends watched in awe as he leapt from the plane.

"I think I screamed just about all the way down, until the shoot deployed," Kerr said.

Chris left the tarmac as a friend and but returned an inspiration.  After a safe landing he presented Chad with a check for $10,000 dollars.

"I can't even say anything," Mundey sobbed.

For now Chad is undergoing treatment at Duke University.  He will find out if it is effectively treating his brain cancer in November.

"Chad can use [the funds] to take a trip to Mexico if he wants,” Kerr said.  “But I think he's going to use the vast majority of it to get back and forth from North Carolina."

To learn more about donating to Chad Mundey click here.