Terri Ortman of Dorr is a fighter.  After being diagnosed with cancer two years ago, she underwent chemotherapy and radiation and is now in remission.

"My sister Terri, she never cries, she holds it up for all of us," Terri’s sister, Tracy Marsiglia said.

But recently the married mother of two learned her health struggles were far from over.  She's now battling a very rare bone marrow disease and in a month she'll need a bone marrow transplant.  Now Terri’s friends, family, and even her zumba instructors have come together for a night of exercise and other events to help with her expenses.

"We are holding a Zumbathon for Terri Ortman and her family," Jodie said. "We're expecting a lot of people.”

About 200 people showed up.  Terri's sister Tracy is a zumba instructor herself as well as a perfect match to donate the bone marrow Terri she so desperately needs.

"She knew I’m scared going through the procedure,” Tracy said.  “She said it's just a little scar and she said it can be a new tattoo for us that we can share together and that tattoo represents me saving her life."

The sisters will have their surgeries in December.  $8,000 dollars was raised for Terri Saturday night alone.