Two Michigan State University Basketball Players will not face charges, after a woman accused them of sexually assaulting her in a dorm last month.

We're not going to identify the alleged victim or the players because they have not been charged.  Last month, a woman told police in the late hours of August 29, she was in the room of the players at Wonders Hall.  The police report calls the investigation "Criminal Sexual Conduct First Degree", but Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III says the label is not a recommendation.  "They (police investigators) were saying what the do in every case: 'we've reviewed this and we think this is the criminal statute that may be involved here,'" Dunnings told FOX 17 News.  "We authorize some and we deny some."

The report says the woman was assaulted over several hours by the two men: she says she told the men to stop.  Todd Heywood of the Michigan Messenger says he spoke with the alleged victim face to face recently. "She did struggle," he told FOX 17 News.  "In the report, she says she pulled her hands free while being pinned down by one assailant, and struck him in the face."

The Michigan State University Police investigated the case and turned over the findings to the prosecutor's office.  Dunnings told us his Assistant Prosecutor questioned the alleged victim, using the same line of questioning a defense attorney might ask... He says the assistant did not think there was enough to convict the men, and told the woman the complaint was being dropped.

Officials from neither the Michigan State University Athletic Department nor from the team would comment.