A local mission group returned to West Michigan Sunday after performing life-saving medical work in Haiti.   They say much of the country is still in rubble and rebuilding after the earthquake hit two years ago.

In the village of Segun, medical personnel and volunteers from Haiti Needs You and Holy Spirit Parish work around the clock, providing care to hundreds of Haitian residents. They say it's not unusual to see a line with 400 to 500 people wrapping around the make-shift hospital. 

Haiti Needs You Director Tim Ryan says people walk two to 10 hours just to get to the hospital, then sometimes stand in line for nearly eight hours. 

 “There were a lot of malnourished children, people were dying of needless wounds, ailments,” says Ryan.   “Thru the 10 years we've been going we've seen a huge difference in the health of the people, it's turned around completely but we're still far from our ultimate goal,” adding he hopes the video he brings back will inspire more people to help.  

Mary Laponsie, a parishioner with Holy Spirit Parish says health conditions are improving for some of the Haitian people.

“We provide water filters and drains to many of the homes so we're starting to seeing less malnutrition than in the past,” she says.  “We see less scabies, we're providing the meds to cure it, and education to families to get rid of it.”

During this recent trip, a team of 15 volunteers from West Michigan helped more than 2,300 Haitians received critical medical and dental care.

Holy Spirit Parish will be going back to Haiti in April along with some local high school students.

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