It looks like another appointment at the hair salon.

You'll see women sitting in comfy chairs, under a dryer, in a friendly setting. But, the dryer device isn't for a fancy blowout, it's the newest weapon against head lice, known as the LouseBuster.

The LouseBuster is a chemical-free, warm-air device that kills head lice by dehydrating the parasites and their eggs. It was patented in 2010 and has been recently cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.
The LouseBuster can now be found at a salon in Grand Rapids designed for lice treatment.
"It's the first place in Grand Rapids to have this treatment," said Michael Brehm, new owner of Rapunzel's Lice Boutique, located at 5258 Plainfield Ave NE in Grand Rapids. The location is set to open on Saturday.
Local business owners Michael and Amy Brehm decided to open the boutique after visiting another Rapunzel salon in Michigan.
"Our daughter actually got lice and we scoured the internet for some home-remedies. That's when we found Rapunzel's boutique," explains Michael Brehm.
Rapunzel's Lice Boutique, owned by Sarah Casello-Rees, has locations in both Sterling Heights and Ann Arbor.
"We were impressed. I was talking with the owner (Casello-Rees) about the Grand Rapids market and she said she couldn't believe there isn't anything like this in Grand Rapids and she said we are looking for someone to open a location here," he said.
The other locations have been busy since they started using LouseBuster back in December of 2010, performing more than 2,500 treatments.
“People were driving the two hours from Grand Rapids to Ann Arbor for treatment, but would beg me to open a salon on the west side of the state,” explains Rapanzel's owner Casello-Rees.
The treatment doesn't use any chemicals and is said to more effective since lice have developed a resistance to the common pesticides for lice treatment.
One heat treatment takes about 30 minutes and costs $145. Technicians say it only takes one session to kill all the lice.
"It's fast, safe, and effective," said Brehm.
While the nasty parasites may never lose their taboo reputation, Brehm hopes families can come into the salon and leave the embarrassment behind with the bugs.  
Rapunzel's Grand Rapids will have their grand opening on Saturday May 19th from 9 to 5.  They will be offering free walk-in head checks.
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