The Kentwood Public School Board has approved a plan to save the district money by closing Alexander Hamilton Elementary School.

The vote was unanimous at Monday night's board meeting. The decision means 152 positions are expected to be eliminated; 58 of them full-time teachers.

The district has seen its enrollment numbers fall by about 600 students over the the last few years.

Kentwood Public Schools face a $5 million shortfall next school year through a combination of lower enrollments, which reduces revenues from the state, and budget cuts at the state level that further decreased expected income.

Hamilton Elementary has 243 students, and those students will be attending three of Kentwood's other elementary schools: Discovery, Challenger, and Endeavor.

Superintendent Paul Doyle says the school will not be sold, as there is a possibility the school might be re-opened as early as the 2010-2011 school year.