Drivers of stranded cars at the B-93 Birthday Bash now won't get their cars back until at least Thursday.

Ionia officials said this afternoon that they plan to make an announcement at 3 p.m. Wednesday on retrieval of the cars. However, they said it appears the soonest that that will be able to occur has been moved back to Thursday.

Officials at the Ionia Free Fair Grounds, home to the canceled B-93 Birthday Bash, told concert-goers yesterday that it would be at least Wednesday before they would be able to get their stranded vehicles back.

More than 1,000 vehicles were stranded and approximately 1,000 people were evacuated Saturday afternoon when waters from the Grand River flooded parking areas at the fairgrounds on M-66 in the middle of Ionia.

All events for Saturday evening and all of Sunday were canceled Saturday afternoon. The Michigan State Police evacuated the area, told concert-goers to leave their cars and to grab only essentials from the vehicles.

Many fans had to stay overnight at Ionia Middle School with help from the American Red Cross, simply because they didn't have a way to get home. The Red Cross shut down its shelter operation on Sunday.

Meanwhile, concert promoters are trying to figure out what to do about refunds for food and drink tickets.

The B-93 Birthday Bash is an annual free concert to celebrate the station's first days on the air.

(Picture of Ionia Free Fair Grounds surrounded by water and hundreds of stranded vehicles courtesy of Terry Long)